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Why Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is committed to supporting a world class tourism economy. As part of Plan 2030, Abu Dhabi is undertaking a development programme of resorts, hotels, golf courses and attractions and cultural destinations that are well connected and provide support to the local community.

  • Abu Dhabi is committed to delivering a more sustainable development strategy. At the centre of this is the emirate’s commitment to developing green buildings. All hotels must meet green standard laid out by the Abu Dhabi government. This aims to reduce hotels’ energy use by 10 per cent, water use by 20 per cent and reduce landfill waste volumes by 20 per cent.

  • Saadiyat Island is at the centre of Abu Dhabi’s plans. The Island will feature a 670 acre cultural district and will host the Abu Dhabi Guggenhiem, Louvre, a Maritime Museum and a performing arts centre.

  • Abu Dhabi’s development plans include specific environmental conservation plans. A national park running adjacent to the city will be development free and will protect local ecological resources such as mangroves and sea grass and protect migratory birds. In addition several other zones throughout the emirate will be protected from over development.

  • To prevent development extending into Duabi, Abu Dhabi is committed to keeping areas between the two cities undeveloped to protect coastal areas.

  • The transport network in Abu Dhabi is being overhauled and will include a high speed passenger and freight railways, a metro and a network of light rail lines and buses. Transport plans will aim to encourage use of public transport and reduce reliance on the car.

Abu Dhabi is starting from the ground up and taking a long term development plan to the creation of tourism, business, culture and leisure industries which will ensure the long term future of the Emirate. The approach Abu Dhabi has taken to the development centered on ‘Plan 2030’ offers lessons for other countries in the development of their own tourism industries. Abu Dhabi aims to attract 7.9 million visitors per year from 2030, by hosting World Green Tourism in Abu Dhabi we are best placed to learn how they plan to do this and how they plan to do it sustainably.

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