Amy Carter James
 Managing Director
 Guludo Beach Lodge & Thin Cats Thinking

Amy is a highly respected social entrepreneur, using tourism to addressing social and environmental issues. 

In 2002 Amy co-founded Guludo Beach Lodge (, a small boutique resort in rural northern Mozambique. The location was chosen due to great tourism potential and extreme poverty; life expectancy was 38 years and infant mortality 1 in 3. She also founded Nema Foundation (; while Guludo brings economic opportunities, Nema works with communities to address local social and environmental problems.

The model has become a great success and continues to win international awards, including World Travel & Tourism Council’s “Tourism for Tomorrow Award”, Reponsible Travel’s “Responsible Tourism Award”, Studienkreis “TODO! Award” and Conde Nast Traveler “World Savers Awards”.
In 2009 she co-founded a CR hospitality consultancy, Thin Cats Thinking (, which assists hotels and resorts around the world to work more efficiently with local communities and maximise their positive impact in a commercially viable way. 
Amy has received many personal honours and awards over the years, from Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006 to the International Hotel Investment Forum's Young Leader in 2011. Amy is also on the International Advisory Board and an Ambassador for Global Angels ( charity.