Chris Johnson
 Wild Jordan, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)

Chris is a British born ecologist and environmentalist, specialising in the institutional strengthening of environmental NGO’s and the development of community-based ecotourism and other nature-related businesses.  He first came to Jordan over 16 years ago as a project manager under a Global Environment Facility programme to help establish the Dana Nature Reserve in southern Jordan as a model of integrated conservation and development.  This was the first project in the Middle East region to try and link the conservation of a large protected area with socio-economic development for local communities. Under this project, Chris was also responsible for a major institutional strengthening programme in the RSCN to help it become a dynamic conservation leader in the region.

Since the Dana Project, Chris has “worn a number of hats” within RSCN, from Development Director to  his most recent post as Director of Wild Jordan, the division responsible for  socio-economic development, including eco-tourism. He recently completed a major USAID project that created eco-lodges in the Eastern Desert and in Wadi Araba and the Wild Jordan Nature Centre in downtown Amman.  He is also the Senior Consultant for the Swiss-funded ‘Nature Conservation through Eco-tourism’ project, which is a regional initiative operating in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. In 2006, Chris was awarded the MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to nature conservation in Jordan.