H.H Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al Nuaimi
 Environmentalist and Campaigner
 Ajman Government

Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi is a member of the ruling family of the Emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates and infamously known as the “Green Sheikh”, is taking his message of ’holistic living’ to the world, activating his networks worldwide and inspiring people of all ages, religions and backgrounds.
Sheikh Al Nuaimi is currently serving as environmental advisor to the Ajman Government, and the CEO of Al Ihsan Charity Centre, where he is also Chairman of the International Steering Committee for the Global Initiative Towards a Sustainable Iraq (GITSI), and honourable president of Zayed Environmental Impact Network (ZEIN) at Zayed University UAE.

He has coordinated the formation of environmentally and socially responsible non-governmental organizations and is creating collective collaboration between public, private and local communities, advising decision makers, participating in steering committees for strategic sustainability across sectors, and through the media, advocating Environmentally-friendly approaches to development, guided by Quranic teachings on tawhid (unity), khalifa (stewardship) and amana (trust).

He states that it is his life’s mission to achieve all manners of excellent deeds for the satisfaction of Allah (God). He aims for holistic living which he describes as being connected to the daily circle of life; balancing the spiritual, the intellectual, the physical, the emotional, the aesthetic, the environmental and his own inner peace to help spread peace throughout the world and in the process achieve wisdom. He extends this vision to all those around him.

His Educational background is in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, diploma in Military Science and Master of Science in Environmental Management. He earned his PhD in Cleaner Production and Industrial (Ecology) Eco-Systems.

In 2004 he was awarded first place of his research specifically pertaining to sustainable development at the doctoral level at the 97th Annual Conference and Exhibition at Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. In 2007 awarded as the UAE fine volunteering personality in environment and humanitarian via Sharjah Volunteering Awards. Three Mayors of three cities in Miami presented him with three distinct and prestigious awards. Mayor Julio Robaina of the City of Hialeah presented to announce a Proclamation Award naming the 25th of September, “Sheikh Abdul Aziz Day,” Mayor Matti Herrera Bower of City of Miami Beach gave him the key to the her city. Mayor Carlos Alvarez of the City of Miami closed the ceremony by presenting him with the Visitor’s Award to his city. Last year 2010 Sheikh Al Nuaimi awarded the Islamic Personality by Fujairah Quranic Award in the UAE. This year Awarded at Ajman Science Day for his Community Responsibility and Service.