Shelendra Singh
 Environment, Health and Safety Manager
 Fairmont Dubai

Shelendra Singh is the Environment, Health and Safety Manager for Fairmont Dubai, and the recent recipient of the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts 2010 Environmental Star of the Year award.

His role involves daily interaction with every department in the hotel, as well as actively ensuring that all 10 food and beverage outlets are implementing the best environmental practices possible; from promoting sustainable seafood to recycling used coffee grounds for fertilizer, to using recycled paper bags for takeaway orders. Shelendra also oversees all energy and conservation efforts, as well as managing key relationships with international and local environmental partners, which involves activities such as participation in Earth Hour and adopting an endangered hawksbill turtle in the Gulf. With a Masters in Microbiology, Shelendra understands the science behind eco initiatives, enabling him to effectively communicate on the tangible benefits of implementing green initiatives as the chair of the hotel’s “Green Team.”