Manal Kelig
 Advisory Board Member
 Adventure Travel and Trade Association

Dr. Manal Kelig is one of three co- founders of Gateway To Egypt for Travel Marketing  in the Middle East & Great Wonders of Egypt for sustainable travel to Egypt , North Africa and the Middle East . She received her BA in Egyptology& Tourism in 1992 from the Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management Helwan University of Cairo. Upon graduation she decided to pursue a career as an Egyptologist and also work on a Masters Degree in Modern History but she was not sure about the subject of the thesis. Through her work she realized that there was a huge misconception, misunderstanding and stereotyping about the status of women in the Middles East and Islamic countries. This encouraged her to choose the Public& Political role of women in Egypt during the 19th century as the subject of her thesis. Her research work got her quite involved in various issues of women and the community on the national and international scale.  Later on her academic and professional interests extended on a higher international scale and it involved bridging the cultural gap between the Western & Middle Eastern civilizations. As she succeeded to be one of the highly recognized speakers on, political and social history of the Middle East and International Instructor on selling destinations, she was very unsatisfied of how the different tourism industry players were not mindful of the harm caused by  mass tourism to the cultural and natural heritage of the MENA region. She decided to co-found her own operation for developing diverse sustainable tourism products and training modules in the MENA region  Now GWE group is dedicated to operating only responsible travel to Egypt and the Middle East , and developing programs that foster a culture of peace between the travelers and the locals , in addition to matching students of Tourism institutes with training opportunities in different travel tourism institutes.

Along the years she became passionate about connecting with talented people of different backgrounds in the travel industry  and helping them take action on their ideas .She likes to consider herself a Philanthropreneur who brings an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy as she is interested in effecting positive changes in the world through alleviating suffering. She consults for many leading development organizations on community development projects in Egypt & Sudan. She has  recently created special volunteer programs for children above the age of 10 in a step to develop deep roots of volunteering in the future generation.

Two years ago she started an initiative called Peace Through Tourism . She has traveled to different countries around the world to encourage more tourism players to join the initiative. She looks for and is always keen to be introduced to people who believe in closing on the cultural gaps between the East & West. Her latest achievement was joining the Advisory Board of the Adventure Travel Trade Association ( ATTA) and her ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the full potential of the Travel industry in the Middle East.