John Mowatt
 Training Specialist and Consultant in Emiratisation
 Jebel Ali International Hotels

John Mowatt is currently working as a training specialist and consultant in Emiratisation at Jebel Ali International Hotels.

Previously he was Director of  Emiratisation Projects, Center for  Emiratisation Research & Development, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management for eight years. 

During his tenure at The Academy he developed the following employability preparation training programmes for UAE National job seekers working in partnership:
• with the DTCM on the Career Development Summer Programme
• with the DTCM/TANMIA on the Hospitality MAHARAT Programme
• with TANMIA/ENDP on the Retail MEHNATY Programme
• with TANMIA on the IDAD for Below High School/High School Programme
• with TANMIA on the IDAD for College/University Graduate Programme
And as a result of these five tailor-made training programmes being developed 1,223 UAE Nationals were trained and prepared for entry level employment in the private sector. 

As well as training UAE Nationals and working with industry to assist industry to employ UAE John while at The Academy also trained private sector managers and supervisors on how to facilitate best practice on-the-job training, coaching, nurturing and retaining of UAE National new hires/employees as well as setting up in-company Emiratisation plans and systems. He also did consulting in KSA.

Prior to working at The Academy John was Head of  Department, Center for English as a Second Language (CESL), University of Dubai (formerly Dubai Polytechnic), Dubai Chamber of Commerce for five years. 

John's role as Head of Department at CESL entailed managing the college's undergraduate degree foundations program; undergraduate degree student study skills and language support programs; and corporate communication training programs for industry. 

Prior to working at the University of Dubai John was Business Lecturer, United Arab Emirates Higher College's of Technology (HCT), Business and Communications Technology Departments, Dubai Women's College for five years.

In Australia John worked as a business lecturer in TAFE NSW and held various senior training positions in Australia Post. 

In 1995 John received the Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching from His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chancellor, Higher Colleges of Technology - DWC. 

John has an M.B.A from the Australian Graduate School of Management in the University of NSW. He also has as a B.A in Communication, a Graduate Diploma in TESOL and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Technical) from the University of Technology, Sydney.